Circle of Friends

Teenagers providing relief to parents by meeting virtually with the children of medical professionals, essential workers, patients, or anyone who is busy on the frontlines or struggling right now as a result of COVID-19.


    • "You guys are wonderful! I had a solid hour to get work done and was so grateful. Our friend is lovely! Thank you for organizing!"

    • What an amazing program you have put together!! My daughter enjoyed speaking to our 'friend' so much, we’d LOVE to have her reach out twice a week if possible. They are both a nice match because my daughter is so outgoing and she thought our 'friend' was a lot of fun. She is really missing companionship with this quarantine. Our 'friend' is a really wonderful addition to people she can communicate with.

    • "Our son had so much fun today! It was a huge help to our family to have him occupied with some one on one attention. Thank you so much for hanging out with him again!"

    • "Our 'friend' was awesome and my son had a great time with him. He would love to continue spending time with him weekly."

    • "I loved it for my daughter. She said it was good. I will go to the link again to setup another appointment. I'm spreading the word about your service. Our 'friend' was very nice, very patient, and taught well."

    • "Thank you. The boys had so much fun. Our 'friend' was so kind and very relatable to them. They talked about sports, played a game, and shared riddles.

    • "My daughter enjoyed herself so much!"

    • "My son had an awesome time with our 'friend' today! And we look forward to our zoom meeting again."