Circle of Friends Virtual Camp

Our Camp is offering five programs for younger and older kids!

Game Design and Introductory Coding in Scratch

    • 12-1 PM EST

    • Senior Camp only

Arts and Crafts

  • 1-2PM EST

  • Senior and Junior Camp


  • 2-3PM EST

  • Senior and Junior Camp


  • 3-4PM EST

  • Senior and Junior Camp

Sports and Exercise

  • 4-5PM EST

  • Senior and Junior Camp

Note: All programs will be conducted through Zoom. Children can enroll in as many classes as they choose. The program is entirely free.

See below for details on Dates and Ages!


  • Session One: August 17th-21st

  • Session Two: August 24th-28th

    • Classes will have different lessons each week; parents can sign their child up for both weeks if they choose


  • Junior Camp: Ages 4-8

  • Senior Camp: Ages 9-12

    • Parents can choose to place their kids in an older or younger age group if they would like

Sign up using this link!