Who We Are

We are high school students seeking to make a difference in this pandemic. We want to make the lives of all parents, especially those who have been affected in some way by COVID-19, easier by offering unique programs for your children, tailored to their needs and interests. Our programs are completely free, and our volunteers are incredibly flexible, so please don't hesitate to sign up!

Meet the Team!

Rohan Mehta

Hi! I’m Rohan, a 17 year old senior at the Trinity School. Aside from my work in Circle of Friends, I am an avid debater and am a member of my school’s student government. I am also interested in technology and computer science. During quarantine I’ve been doing lots of cooking, baking, and reading.

Jameson Cohen

Hi! My name is Jameson Cohen, and I am in the 12th Grade at Trinity School. I am passionate about a lot of things—sports, music, cooking, and serving my community, to name a few. My favorite subjects in school are history, Latin, and computer science, and during quarantine, in addition to working with Circle of Friends, I have been biking, playing guitar, and volunteering at a local restaurant delivering meals to hospitals. I believe so strongly in the work we are doing at Circle of Friends because I think that, by providing a virtual space for children, especially those whose parents are on the frontlines or have been hit hard by the virus, to do what they love, we can, at the very least, make their day a little better, and hopefully by doing so, we can help them and their families through this difficult time.

Lily Kaplan

My name is Lily Kaplan and I’m in the 12th grade at the Spence School in NYC. I got involved with Circle of Friends because I love spending time with kids and think it is incredibly important to give young people a creative and emotional outlet though, art projects, playing games or just chatting, during this incredibly uncertain and isolating time. Some of my favorite activities include creative writing, acting and playing the cello.

Ashley Cooper

My name is Ashley Cooper. I live in NYC and I’m a senior at the Spence School. I have always enjoyed helping others, especially kids. I have volunteered every weekend in a JCC program, tutoring and mentoring inner city children. It has been incredibly gratifying to make those connections and feel like I’ve made a small difference in someone’s life. That is why I want to be involved in Circle of Friends. Now more than ever, kids are in need of support and guidance. Schools are closed and parents need to work without the help of family or sitters. I am not a very good artist, but I can help kids with school, read stories, play games, listen, and be as supportive as possible.

Kate Davis

My name is Kate and I’m a senior at Spence. At school, I’m co-captain of the Debate team and an active participant in the Civics, Model Congress and Caring for Kids Cancer Clubs. I love working with younger children and have three years of experience tutoring lower and middle schoolers in math. During my time in quarantine, I’ve spent time reading, painting and playing with my little sisters who are 3 and 5. Through Circle of Friends, I hope to connect with kids and their families, helping them in anyway I can during these challenging times.

Federico Bitar

Hi I’m Federico Bitar. I am 17, and I am a junior at Trinity School in New York City. I love photography, playing video games, reading, and sports and I have been doing all of that and a lot of biking during quarantine. I am very excited to work with Circle of friends because I think it’s a great way to give back to the community and help others.

Aaron Seibert

My name is Aaron, and I’m a student at Riverdale country school. I became involved with this organization because of the urgency of its mission- amidst this crisis, healthcare workers and so many others are fighting every day to keep Americans alive, and being able to assist them in watching over their children during this difficult time is incredibly important. Apart from the organization, I’m very active in local politics and the Syrian refugee crisis, through the lenses of activism and journalism. I also love to read and learn languages.

Ava Ledes

My name is Ava Ledes and I’m a senior at Riverdale country school. I love art, poetry, fashion design and any and every type of music- and of course working with children (I babysit loads of family friends)!!! During quarantine I’ve been painting, lots of cooking, and watching movies - and of course staying in touch with my friends and family. (Hope this works and I’m not too late!)

Jordyn Sandler

Hi! My name is Jordyn Sandler; I’m a senior at the Hewitt School! I love dancing, arts and crafts, watching tv, learning, and helping others! I am a part of many mentor programs that allow me to work closely with kids, form special relationships with them, and be a positive asset to their growth. Every Monday I volunteer and work one-on-one with physically or medically disabled children so they could engage with and enjoy the art of dance. I am always looking for new ways to meet people and work with kids!

Yves Casimir

My name is Yves and I’m in the 12th Grade at Trinity. I really like to play basketball and sports in general. During quarantine I have been playing a lot of chess to keep me busy. My favorite subjects in school are math and Latin.

Drew Morris

I am a 10th grader at Trinity School in New York City. I am a two sport athlete (basketball and lacrosse) and I enjoy talking about most sports. I am passionate about the environment and protecting it and enjoy taking hikes or spending time in outdoors/in nature.

Jackie Cole

My name is Jackie Cole and I am an 12th grader (17 years old) at the Spence School in New York city. In my free time I am usually either dancing or singing, and in quarantine I’ve been keeping busy with my piano and ukulele.

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